Whether you’re an experienced Linux developer or an end user just getting started with Linux, there are many ways for you to participate in the Kubuntu community. Whatever you do, take a few minutes to discuss Kubuntu with other users and become an active member of the Kubuntu community. Some of the most active members are listed on the Kubuntu Team page.

icon-konversationLive Chat

The Kubuntu team uses IRC mainly, but we also use Telegram for discussing development, support and just hanging out.

Chat to Kubuntu users for support on #kubuntu on Freenode, or on Telegram.

Please also read the IRC Guidelines page.
To get help with connecting to IRC, please visit the related wiki article.


firefoxWeb Forums

Kubuntu web forums are the best place for Kubuntu support related issues. This site is independent of but good friends with the Kubuntu developers.

You can also use Ubuntu web forums for getting help for Kubuntu through the Kubuntu related areas, or for general help in the various forums.

Ask Ubuntu has a wealth of knowledge and friendly people willing to help you with your questions.

KDE Forum gives help on applications and the desktop used in Kubuntu.


Mailing List

icon-emailJoin the Kubuntu Users mailing list for a way to ask for help and exchange experiences with other Kubuntu users.


Local Language Support

preferences-desktop-fontKubuntu support is available in some languages. Visit the local pages for more information:


Contribute and Bug Reporting

systemsettingsFor more information on contributing to Kubuntu and submitting bug reports, please visit the Contributing to Kubuntu page. Anyone can help!


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Kubuntu is part of Ubuntu and is governed from within Ubuntu governance structures by the Kubuntu Council.