Feature Tour

Browse your files easily


Quickly find that important document, photo, or video.

Split View, Editable Location, a built-in Terminal and many other useful features.

Dolphin makes connecting your USB flash drives, SD cards, and your phone super easy!

Browse images


Images are an important part of modern life. Kubuntu has applications that make it easy to browse, share, and enhance your photos.

Open and read documents easily


Open PDF, Dejavu, PS, DVI, and more, annotate documents and fill in forms and even read eBooks with Okular, the universal document viewer.

Surf the Internet with Firefox


Kubuntu comes with the award-winning Firefox web browser by default.

More browsers such as Chromium, Rekonq are available through Kubuntu’s software repositories.

Chat right from the desktop with your friends


Konversation, Kubuntu’s IRC client, lets you chat with your friends over IRC with a clean and easy to use interface.

Multimedia made easy with Kubuntu


Kubuntu comes built-in with a music and a movie player that are simple to use.

Simply select a song or a movie and Kubuntu will take care of the rest.

Kubuntu plays most music and video formats out the box; restricted formats such as MP3 are installed with two clicks when needed, usually during the installation process.

Music experienced on a different level


Elisa, Kubuntu’s default music player, was built to be intuitive and friendly.

It makes playing the music you love and discovering new music easier than ever before and it looks good doing it!

Complete and professional office suite


Create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations with LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is compatible with all office applications including Microsoft Office.