Kubuntu 13.04

Welcome to Kubuntu 13.04, a brand new version with the latest KDE software to enjoy.

Getting Kubuntu 13.04

Download 13.04 now or Upgrade from 12.10.

For full details of software included see Kubuntu on Distrowatch

13.04 Highlights

Software Updates

KDE Plasma and
Applications 4.10


The current update release of KDE’s Plasma Workspaces and Applications 4.10 adds a new screen locker, Qt Quick notifications, colour correction in Gwenview and faster indexing in the semantic desktop.

Muon Suite 2


Included is is the new version of the Muon Suite for app install and upgrades. It introduces support for installing Plasma widgets found in KDE’s KNewStuff framework from within Software Center and Muon Discover.




Rekonq 2


Rekonq 2

Version 2 of our web browser adds a bunch of new features

  • inline spellcheck
  • new incognito mode
  • new startup option: incognito URL
  • new startup option: webapp URL
  • pinning tabs
  • improved error page
  • simplified rekonq pages




A full screen alternative to the Kickoff application menu, add it to your panel to give it a try.



Screen Managementkscreen


A new screen management tools makes it easy to attach and unattach extra monitors.



oxygen-fontOxygen Sans Font


Available on the default install is Oxygen Sans, a new font from KDE’s artists.



Our painting application Krita now uses a nifty new calculations library Vc making it twice as fast as before. It also sports an artsy new black theme.







Our installer sports a professional new look





LibreOffice 4

LibreOffice has been upgraded to Version


MTP Devices

Access your digital music player and smartphone through MTP protocol.



Available in the archives is Tomahawk, a new music player which makes it easy to share your music with your friends over IM.




For full details of software included see Kubuntu on Distrowatch


Secure Boot

Kubuntu should now be able to support UEFI Secure Boot, a standard for controlling what software can be run on a computer. Supporting Secure Boot, a part of the Windows 8 certification requirements for client systems, ensures that Ubuntu will continue to provide an “it just works” experience on new hardware.

If you have hardware for this, we would appreciate your help in testing it out.


Known Problems

  • 1172534 plymouth boot splash does not show on an installed system
  • 1164236 13.04 beta 2 plasma active crashes on startup
  • 1164239 ubiquity does not start on kubuntu 13.04 arm image
  • 1172161 Icon “Install Kubuntu 13.04” won’t run in live session on PowerPC

Information on installing Kubuntu 13.04 on PowerPC systems can be found here.


We want to hear your opinions on this release.

You can give us feedback on the Kubuntu Google+ page. Your input is an invaluable resource, so do take the time to write down your thoughts and let us know what you think!

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