Kubuntu 14.04 LTS


Welcome to Kubuntu 14.04 LTS, a brand new Long Term Supported version with the latest KDE software to enjoy.

Long Term Support means bugfixes and security updates will be added for the next 5 years, so you can be safe to use it until 2019. New releases of important KDE Software will also be available from the Kubuntu Updates and Kubuntu Backports PPAs.

Upgrading from 12.04 LTS Upgrading from 13.10 Download a Disk Image
To upgrade Kubuntu 12.04 LTS to Kubuntu 14.04 LTS, click on the notification which will appear in your panel.
See 12.04 to 14.04 Upgrade Instructions for a complete walkthrough.
To upgrade from Kubuntu 13.10 to Kubuntu 14.04 LTS, click on the notification which will appear in your panel.
See 13.10 to 14.04 Upgrade Instructions for a complete walkthrough.
Download a bootable image and put it onto a DVD or USB. Burning ISO Guide.


Software Highlights of Kubuntu 14.04 LTS

KDE Applications and Platform 4.13

gwenview-promo Fresh out today, the KDE Applications and Platform 4.13 release introduces a greatly improved semantic search as well as stabilization and improvements in key applications like Okular.

Mozilla Firefox

firefox-350px Kubuntu 14.04 introduces award winning Mozilla Firefox as default web browser.

Muon Discover 2.2

muon-discover-350px Muon Suite 2.2 brings additional improvements to our Software Center applications, resolving various problems and offering an altogether more refined experience.

All New Driver Manager

driver-manager-350px The previous Additional Drivers application is being replaced by the all new Driver Manager. The manager allows you to install and select the driver you want to use for software that has more than one supported driver, including proprietary drivers.

Gwenview Plugin Installation

gwenview-plugins-350px Plugins in Gwenview can now be installed on-demand from inside the application.

New Touchpad Configuration

touchpad-350px Our new touchpad configuration tools includes many configuration options to get your touchpad working just as you like.

KDE Instant Messaging 0.8

ktp-350px KDE Telepathy now has a meta contact support for grouping the same contact across different IM networks. The new release also includes more stability and polish than ever before.

Improved Localization Configuration

kcm-locale-350px Language configuration has seen numerous changes, improving reliability and localization coverage beyond KDE technology.

Plasma Network Manager

plasma-nm-350px The new Plasma Network Manager features a redesigned user interface, giving you more control while retaining a simple design.

KDE Software Development Kit

kde-sdk-350px The newly available KDE software development kit equips new installations with everything necessary to write beautiful code using KDE and Qt technology, allowing everyone to quickly get started with writing code on Kubuntu 14.04.
Install kde-developer-sdk to get started.

USB Creator Improvements

usb-creator-kde-350px USB Creator has seen some nice bugfixes. Disks are selected when you expect them to, widgets can’t be shrunk to be too small, list sizing is done smartly.

KDE Connect 0.5

kdeconnect-350px Install KDE Connect on your desktop and your Android mobile phone to integrate the two. Text messages will appear on your screen, files can be shared, your music can be controlled from your phone and your music will be turned off when you receive a phone call.

Automatic Crash Reporting

drkonqi-whoopsie-350px No software is perfect; Kubuntu 14.04 makes it easier than ever before to inform developers when something has gone terribly wrong, using the all new automatic crash reporting.

Quassel 0.10

quassel-350px The IRC client Quassel 0.10 reduces network traffic while improving overall reliability.

New System Notifications

knh-350px Kubuntu’s built-in recommendation software now notifies you when better drivers for your hardware can be installed and when additional software can be installed to improve the language support.

Known Problems

  • The software updater can close unexpectedly in very specific complicated update scenarios (Bug #1295437 and #1295440)

Additional problems being tracked can be found at Kubuntu 14.04 milestoned bugs.

Problems in the installer, graphics and kernel are listed on the common release notes.

Commercial Support

Our commercial support offering is now open, available for those who need the reassurance of help on the end of a phone line.


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