Kubuntu Council Elects 3 Councillors

Members of the Kubuntu Council are responsible for considering proposals made by the wider Kubuntu community. The council formalises and ratifies proposals, then votes to obtain an outcome which directs the course of progress for Kubuntu.

On 11 September I (Rick Timmis) will have been a councilor for the Kubuntu Council for 5 years. Being a councilor is a lot of fun, provides a wonderful sense of fulfillment and also carries a lot of ‘Kudos’ in conversations with those of a technical persuasion.

If you have been using Kubuntu for a while, and have explored some of our community, why not consider getting involved a little deeper ? We are always looking for testers, contributors, bug reporters, documentation, and blog writers.

Becoming a Kubuntu member is the next step up from being a contributor, and if you’ve already made a few contributions over the last 3 to 6 months, then you should consider making an application to become a member.

Kubuntu members are also entitled to stand for election to the Kubuntu council, where you get to support the development of the Kubuntu project.

3 council positions came up for election, as their 2 year terms were coming to an end. We are delighted to announce that existing councillors Myriam Schwiengruber, and Valorie Zimmerman were elected for a further term of 2 years. Simon Quigley has step down from the Council, and we thank him greatly for his many contributions to the project.
Stepping in to replace Simon, we are delighted to have Darin Miller join the Kubuntu council, Welcome Darin.

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