Kubuntu Council Meeting – 30th January 2024

Greetings, Kubuntu Community!

Today marked an important Kubuntu Council meeting, where we witnessed significant progress and collaboration among our esteemed council members – Darin Miller, Rik Mills, Valorie Zimmerman, Aaron Honeycutt, Jonathan Riddell (Kubuntu Treasurer), and Simon Quigley(Lubuntu). In this blog post, we’re excited to share the highlights and outcomes of the discussions that took place.

  1. Focus on the Upcoming Kubuntu LTS Release 24.04

    A primary focus of our meeting was setting the objectives for the imminent Kubuntu LTS release. The council engaged in in-depth discussions to ensure that the upcoming release meets the high expectations of our community and continues the Kubuntu legacy of excellence.
  2. Ubuntu Flavours Statement of LTS Support

    Understanding the importance of clear communication, we considered the necessity of a statement regarding Long-Term Support (LTS) required by Ubuntu recognised flavours. This move aligns with our commitment to provide transparency and detailed information to our users.
  3. Exciting Collaboration with Scarlett Gately Moore

    We’re thrilled to announce that we have agreed to contract Scarlett Gately Moore for a three-month period. With a preliminary budget allocated, Scarlett will play a crucial role in delivering key projects:-

    – The 24.04 LTS Release,
    – Updating the Kubuntu Installer to Calamares,
    – Preparing an Alpha of Plasma 6 targeting the 24.10 release.

    This decision was unanimously agreed upon and reflects our dedication to continually enhancing Kubuntu.

Actions Moving Forward:

Coordination and Oversight: Simon Quigley will be coordinating with Rik Mills and Scarlett Moore, managing the intricate details and ensuring the smooth delivery of our objectives.

Financial Processes: Simon Quigley will oversee the invoicing process with Scarlett Moore, following the agreed pro-forma. Jonathan Riddell, our Kubuntu Treasurer, will handle the commissioning of payments.

Communication and Documentation: As a part of our commitment to keep the community informed, I, Rick Timmis, will be updating the Kubuntu Council mailing list about the meeting’s outcomes. Additionally, I will draft an LTS Statement for submission to the Ubuntu Technical Board, detailing our approach and commitment to Kubuntu’s Long-Term Support.

This meeting was a testament to the dedication and passion of our council members and the broader Kubuntu community. We’re excited about the direction in which Kubuntu is heading and are eager to see the fruition of these projects.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your continued support of Kubuntu!


Best Regards,

Rick Timmis
Kubuntu Council

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