Kubuntu Party 4 – The Gathering of Halflings

Come and join us for a most excellent Gathering of Halflings at Kubuntu Party 4, Friday 17th June 19:00 UTC.

The party theme is all about digging out those half finished projects we’ve all got lying around our Geekdoms, and fetching them along for a Show ‘n’ Tell. As ever, there will be party fun and games, an opportunity to kick back from all the contributing that we do, so join us and  enjoy good company and laughter.

Our last party Kubuntu party 3 proved to be another success, with further improvement and refinement upon the previous Kubuntu Party.

New to the Kubuntu Party scene? Fear not my intrepid guests, new friendships are merely but a few clicks away. Check out our previous story trail.


The lessons learned from party  2 had been implemented in party 3. Our main focus is on our guests and their topics of conversation. We didn’t try to incorporate too many things, but simply just let things flow and develop un-conference style. We kept to our plan of closing the party at 22:00 UTC, with a 30 minute over-run to allow people to finish up.  This worked really well and the feedback from the guests was really positive. For the next party we will tighten this over-time further to 15 minutes for close.

We had fun discussing many aspects of computing, including of course lots about Kubuntu. As the party progressed we got into a keyboard geek war, with various gaming keyboards, bluetooth devices, and some amazing back lighting.  However, there simply was nothing to compete with the bluetooth Laser projected keyboard and Mouse that Jim produced, it was awesome!

We also had great fun playing with an IRC Controlled Sphero Robot, a project that Rick Timmis has been working on. The party folks got chance to issue various motion and lighting commands to the Sphero spherical robot. Party goers were able to watch the Robot respond via Rick’s webcam in Big Blue Button.

Rick said

“It was also Awesome seeing that brightly coloured little ball, dashing back and forth at the behest of the party revelers.

It all got rather surreal when Marius broke out his VR Headset, a sophisticated version of the Google Cardboard. The headset enabled Marius to place one of his many (and I mean bags full) of mobile devices in the headset aperture, and vanish into an immersive 3D world.

What are you waiting for ? Book the party in your diary now.

Friday 17th June 19:00 UTC.

Details of our conference server will be posted to #kubuntu-podcast on irc.freenode.net at 18:30 UTC. Or you can follow us on Google+ Kubuntu Podcast and check in on the events page.


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