Kubuntu Podcast #5 – Debunking myths

Show Hosts

Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan

Rick Timmis

Aaron Honeycutt

Show Schedule


What have we (the hosts) been doing ?

  • Aaron
    • Organizing Ubuntu LoCo events in my State/Country
    • Working on Kubuntu release artwork for Release Party
  • Rick
    • Busy testing Kubuntu Beta 2
  • Ovidiu
    • In Berlin at the KDE Kate/KDevelop sprint
    • Became member of the Kubuntu Council
    • Searched for PHP developer for internationalization of the Kubuntu site
    • Prepared Kubuntu Developer VirtualBox image for newcomers

Kubuntu News

  • Kubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 Released
  • New Kubuntu Council members elected: Ovidu, Aaron and Clay

In Focus

Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015

From: Bhavin Prajapati

Subject: Switched to Kubuntu 15.04 – Amazing – Never going back to Mac or Windows

Hi there, I just wanted to personally tell you how impressed I am with this distro! I’ve been looking for a lightweight distro for my desktop pc, it’s 10 years old. I decided to give Kubuntu a try and my word, this thing runs. I’ve never been more impressed with an operating system in my life. I am a much more productive person because of it. Keep up the great work. I am going to recommend it to all my friends.


”Topic idea if you haven’t discussed it already. Can you talk about the speculation of 15.10 possibly being the last version for Kubuntu. Is there any truth to this? I enjoy KDE so I was thinking about Manjaro because of this.” – Tim Andersen


How to contact the Kubuntu Team:

How to contact the Kubuntu Podcast Team:

In show Notes:

Get in touch with KDevelop and KDE Sprint team on IRC

irc.freenode.net #kde & #kdevelop

KDevelop website: https://www.kdevelop.org

Kate Website: http://kate-editor.org

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