Kubuntu Podcast goes Open and Unplugged

Podcast fans will know that we were struck down with lucky show thirteen. Google Hangouts crashed out twice, and we lost the live stream. We ended up half an hour late, with no Hangouts, and a hastily make-shift YouTube live stream hooked together in record time by the #awesome Ovidiu-florin Bogdan.

The upsimascot_konqi-commu-journalistde of this being that we were rescued again by the amazing Big Blue Button.

We have decided the we are going to move to using Big Blue Button permanently for the Podcast show, which is great news for you in the audience.

Why ?

It means that you can join us on the show live. That’s right; You too can join us in the Big Blue Button conference server whilst we are making and recording the show. Maybe you just want to listen in live and watch, or perhaps ask questions and make comments in the built-in chat system.

Of course you can take it a step further and join our Audio conference bridge and interact, chat, make comments and ask questions. Provided you use the “Hand Up” feature to grab our attention first.

So come and join us in Room 1 of the Kubuntu Big Blue Button Conference Server. Password is welcome.

Wednesday 6th July at 19:00 UTC

To get the access details drop by IRC a few minutes before the show starts, at freenode.net #kubuntu-podcast. Or you can join IRC directly from this website via the embedded IRC client on our Podcast page.

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