Kubuntu Site Revamped

With the move to Plasma 5, updating the Kubuntu website seemed timely. Many people have contributed, including Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan, Aaron Honeycutt, Marcin Sągol and many others.

We want to show off the beauty of Plasma 5, as well as allow easy access for Kubuntu users to the latest news, downloads, documentation, and other resources.

We want your help! Whether you code/program or not.

Web development, packaging, bug triage, documentation, promotion and social media are all areas where we can use your talents and skill, as well as offering help to new or troubled users.

For instance, people regularly report problems on Facebook, Reddit, Google+, Twitter, Telegram now and of course, #kubuntu on Freenode IRC, rather than filing bugs.

Sometimes their problems are easily solved, sometimes they have encountered real bugs, which we can help them file.

Please use our new site to find what you need, and tell us if you find something which needs improvement.

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