Kubuntu Wallpaper 24.04 – Call for Submissions

We are excited to announce a call for submissions for the official desktop wallpaper of Kubuntu 24.04! This is a fantastic opportunity for artists, designers, and Kubuntu enthusiasts to showcase their talent and contribute to the visual identity of the upcoming Kubuntu release.

What We’re Looking For

We are in search of unique, inspiring, and beautiful wallpapers that reflect the spirit of Kubuntu and its community. Your design should captivate users with its creativity, while also embodying the essence of Kubuntu’s commitment to freedom, elegance, and technical excellence.

Submission Guidelines

Resolution: Submissions must be at least 3840×2160 pixels to ensure high quality on all displays.

**Format: **JPEG or PNG format is preferred.

Original Work: Your submission must be your original work and not include any copyrighted material unless you have permission to use it.

Theme: While we encourage creativity, your design should be suitable for a wide audience and align with the values and aesthetics of the Kubuntu community.

How to Submit

Please send your wallpaper submissions to Rick Timmis of the Kubuntu Council, via one of:


The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2024. We will review all submissions and select the design(s) to be included as part of the Kubuntu 24.04 release. The selected artist(s) will receive credit in the release notes and across our social media platforms, showcasing your contribution to users worldwide.

Let Your Creativity Shine

This is your chance to leave a mark on the Kubuntu community and be a part of the journey towards an exciting new release. We can’t wait to see your submissions and the diverse interpretations of what Kubuntu represents to you.

Embrace this opportunity to let your creativity shine and help make Kubuntu 24.04 the most visually stunning release yet. Good luck to all participants!

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