Kubuntu-Podcast #15 – Yakkety and Kubuntu Ninjas

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Show Hosts

Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan

Rick Timmis

Aaron Honeycutt (Video/Audio Podcast Production)


What have we (the hosts) been doing ?

  • Aaron
    • Kicking Rick’s merges to the curb
    • Kubuntu Manual / Documentation
  • Rick
    • Kubuntu Party
    • Kubuntu Dojo
    • Kubuntu Manual / Documentation
  • Ovidiu
    • Projects
    • Dockerising Open Source Applications (ReviewBoard, AgileFant, FixMyStreet)
    • Adding Images to Feedburner

      Sponsor: Big Blue Button

      Big Blue Button logo

Those of you that have attended the Kubuntu parties, will have seen our Big Blue Button conference and online education service.

Video, Audio, Presentation, Screenshare and whiteboard tools.

We are very grateful to Fred Dixon and the team at BigBlueButton.org go check out their project.

Kubuntu News

Elevator Picks

Identify, install and review one app each from the Discover software center and do a short screen demo and review.

In Focus

Sponsor: Linode


Linode, an awesome VPS with super fast SSD’s, Data connections, and top notch support. We have worked out a sponsorship for a server to build packages quicker and get to our users faster.

Instantly deploy and get a Linode Cloud Server up and running in seconds with your choice of Linux distro, resources, and node location.

  • SSD Storage
  • 40Gbit Network
  • Intel E5 Processors

BIG SHOUT OUT to Linode for working with us!

Kubuntu Developer Feedback

  • Linode Server – 1 x LXD Containers for other to use
    • 1 Container being used by one of the packagers
    • 2 A KCI Slave node
    • With this resource we can build one tree level dependency at once, which is around 100 packages, which takes around 1 hr on average.
    • There is also enough capacity left that we can provide additional containers for Ninja’s to use packaging.
  • For Yakkety, we now have QT 5.6.1, and we got Frameworks and Plasma 5.7.2 and for applications 16.04.3 almost done for Yakkety, and were looking for testers. The team are looking forward to applications 16.08, just hoping for an upstream release to get the PIM packages.
  • For Xenial Plasma 5.7.2 has move a little further forward, but there is much to be done in backports to achieve this.
  • Kubuntu CI System – Yofel has been working hard on improving the CI system, in addition to adding Slave Nodes, thanks to Linode too.
    • The next stage was to get the Build jobs in order, this has meant we have dropped 32bit builds from the CI, but we’ll continue to provide x86 32bit builds of Kubuntu.Focusing on only 64bit builds has resolved many of errors and fails.
    • They did run into an interesting error, where the Linode slave was so powerful it tried to open 20 concurrent connections to the KDE Git repo, and was promptly closed off by the 5 connection limit. A nice problem to have.
  • Yofel will continue to work on the Stable CI builds, by getting a set of working configurations. The move back to Launchpad brings many benefits but right now its created a lot of challenges, that the team are working through.
  • 2 additional Ninja’s have been added to the Team:
    • Rik Mills
    • Simon Quigly
  • Clivejo put a big shout out to the 2 new Ninja’s, many thanks for excellent work and effort.
  • As always we’re desperate for daily build and beta builds of Yakkety
  • Bug Crush Sprint required http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/

In Show Notes

Rick doing GOOD STUFF: http://picosong.com/Dk8m/


How to contact the Kubuntu Team:

How to contact the Kubuntu Podcast Team:

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