Kubuntu Podcast #18 – Yakkety Yak

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Show Hosts

Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan

Rick Timmis

Aaron Honeycutt (Video/Audio Podcast Production)


What have we (the hosts) been doing ?

  • Aaron
    • Gone to cookery class
  • Rick
    • London Linux Meetup
    • Wrangling with Google+
    • Kubuntu Packaging Guide
  • Ovidiu
    • Kubuntu Vision Meeting
    • Coder Dojo

Sponsor: Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button logo

Those of you that have attended the Kubuntu parties, will have seen our Big Blue Button conference and online education service.

Video, Audio, Presentation, Screenshare and whiteboard tools.

We are very grateful to Fred Dixon and the team at BigBlueButton.org go check out their project.

Kubuntu News

  • Kubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak
  • Kubuntu Vision Meeting

Elevator Picks

Sponsor: Linode


Linode, an awesome VPS with super fast SSD’s, Data connections, and top notch support. We have worked out a sponsorship for a server to build packages quicker and get to our users faster.

Instantly deploy and get a Linode Cloud Server up and running in seconds with your choice of Linux distro, resources, and node location.

  • SSD Storage
  • 40Gbit Network
  • Intel E5 Processors

BIG SHOUT OUT to Linode for working with us!

Kubuntu Developer Feedback

  • Great opportunity for a little post release rest

Sponsor: Bytemark

Bytemark was founded with a simple mission: reliable, UK hosting. Co-founders Matthew Bloch & Peter Taphouse, both engineers by nature built the business from the ground up.

Today, they lead a team of 31 staff who operate Bytemark’s own data centre in York, monitor its 10Gbps national network and deliver 24/7 support to clients of all sizes. Brands hosted on Bytemark’s network include the Royal College of Art, data.gov.uk and DVLA Auctions, and of course Kubuntu.

Drop by their website, and get Started with a free month of cloud hosting!

Afiliate link: http://www.bytemark.co.uk/r/kubuntu

Listener Feedback

Valorie and the whole Kubuntu team
I used Kubuntu for many years. Since 2000 I use Linux (Mandrake and then Kubuntu)
So I want to thank you and congratulate for your work and your distribution I look forward every 6 months
Good luck and thank you again
Sincerely : TuxMario

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