Kubuntu 15.04

Kubuntu 15.04 has been released. This features the beautiful new Plasma 5 desktop from KDE.

Getting Kubuntu 15.04

Upgrading from 14.10

Download a Disk Image

To upgrade to Kubuntu 15.04 run Muon Update Manager and click on Upgrade.

Full instructions to upgrade from 14.10.

Please note upgrade from Kubuntu Plasma5 14.10 is not supported and is unlikely to work, these users will need to reinstall. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Download a bootable image and put it onto a USB drive or DVD

Designed to be a Breeze, Plasma 5 is now the default


Plasma 5, the next generation of KDE’s desktop has been rewritten to make it smoother to use while retaining the familiar setup. The second set of updates to Plasma 5 are now stable enough for everyday use and is the default in this version of Kubuntu.


KDE Applications 14.12

Kubuntu comes with KDE Applications 14.12 containing all your favourite apps from KDE. This is the 14.12.2 update with bugfixes and translation updates. Several applications have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5 but those which aren’t should fit in seamlessly.
Non-KDE applications include LibreOffice 4.4 and Firefox 37.

Known Problems

Bugs tagged Kubuntu 15.04 and tagged for the next release.

  • (1413521) oem config not shown on first boot

  • (1154535) Continue button needs an extra click during oem install

  • (1413203) breeze icon theme cannot be used for x-cursor-theme

  • (1429475) Kubuntu Vivid Ubiquity slideshow is missing translations

  • (1434052) kwallet wants to migrate empty kwallet4

  • (1404239) use_libarchive_for_zip_files causes problems

  • (1423011) Konversation 1.6 beta logs are stored in a different place than 1.5 logs

  • (1436973) konsole crashes on closing due to kuniqueapplication
  • (1182784) Switzerland keyboard setup fails
  • (1436952) X crashes on some runs of Kubuntu live image returning in SDDM login
  • (1442512) Apport-kde crash when reporting bug
  • (1437846) akonadi mysql 5.6 crash with signal 11 (workaround


We would like to thank the whole KDE Plasma team for a beautiful new desktop

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