Kubuntu has a new member: Clive Johnston

Today at 9:35PM UTC the Kubuntu Council approved Clive Johnston’s application for becoming a Kubuntu Member.

Clive has been around for a while now, helping Scarlett and Philip with the packaging and continuous integration, and his efforts have already made a huge difference.

Here’s a snippet of his interview:

<ovidiu-florin> clivejo: what would you do to improve Kubuntu? What’s your idea for doing things better?
<clivejo> I want to help get KDE software into the Ubuntu ecosystem faster and make it easier on the people who do it
<clivejo> people like yofel and sgclark have put a LOT of their time into it, if I can take a little bit of that pressure off them, thats my goal

The Kubuntu team would like to offer him a warm welcome, and we’re greeting him with hugs and work to be done.

For those interested here’s Clive’s wiki page: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/~clivejo

The interview meeting didn’t even finish, and Clive was already back to work. Thank you Clive for joining us.

The meeting log is available here.

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