Kubuntu-Podcast #10 – Ubuntu SDK

Show Hosts

Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan

Rick Timmis

Aaron Honeycutt

Andrea Del Sarto ( Audio Podcast Production )

Show Schedule


What have we (the hosts) been doing ?

  • Aaron
    • upgrading to 16.04 and messing with Ubuntu SDK
  • Rick
    • Experimenting with QEMU, KVM and Virtual Machine Manager
    • Working on a new Edmodo app for Ubuntu Phone
    • Chasing down a couple of extra’s for the Kubuntu community ( more on this later in the show )
  • Ovidiu

Kubuntu News

In Focus

  • Ubuntu SDK
  • uBeginner (ubuntu-beginner) Launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-beginner
  • Packaging Party – Friday 11th March 20:00 UTC..


From Michael Gunz:


I use kubuntu 15.04 – 15.10 now for several months and had tried before ubuntu (unity), opensuse, elementary OS, debian during the last 4 years.

You have done a great job, for me KDE Plasma 5 with ubuntu is the most beautiful, user friendly computing ever since i started in 1990 with Dos 4.0 an a 286er intel computer.

I really estimate your efforts and hope you carry on.

Sincerely, Michael Gunz

From Amit:

Hey Guys,

I just installed kubuntu couple of days ago, and I cannot be more happy about it. it looks amazing and very pleased with the results.

Workhorse: 8 i7 cores @3.5 Ghz, 8GB RAM

Thank you very much, cheers!



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