Kubuntu Packaging Party

That’s right friends, we’re going to have a Kubuntu Packaging Party.. and everyone is invited.

Friday 11th March at 20:00 UTC.

Kubuntu members, the Kubuntu Podcast team and members of the Kubuntu community are coming together to party online.

The theme is packaging, but that is only the beginning of the fun! There will be chocolate, snacks, coffee, crisps ( aka chips ), beer, code, hacking, experimenting and even Champagne!!!

The Kubuntu Podcast team will be hosting a Public Hangout OnAir event and there will be plenty of action on IRC at irc.freenode.net #kubuntu-devel

Above all we’re going to have fun, chat, share knowledge, party and learn new things. Their will be plenty of us on hand to get you started playing and experimenting with Kubuntu. Whether this is your first time trying Kubuntu or you want help with installing,  bug fixing, code hacking or packaging. All are welcome

We will share a desktop in the Hangout. You can join in or simply just watch, listen and learn.

Check out the event page on Google+ and book it in your calendar.

We’ll see you there


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