Kubuntu Party 2

Friends it was such fun, we are going to DARE to do it again !

If you’re behind the curve on Kubuntu party then this previous post will fill in the gaps.

Friday 15th April 20:00 UTC, we will !be dressing up in party frocks and pressing the “Big Blue Button” to teleport into (K)Ubuntu party land. I have deliberately broken out the K, to directly express our intent that the Kubuntu community team welcome and indeed, openly invite the Ubuntu community to come along and join us.

The event will be an on-line party; Held on our video conferencing server, which the folks at http://bigbluebutton.org provided for us.

What you will need

  • PC / Laptop and Internet connection – required
  • Speakers / headphones – required
  • Microphone – optional
  • Webcam – optional
  • preferred snacks – optional
  • preferred beverage – optional

The conference suite provides IRC style chat, Voice and Video conferencing, and you can choose to join as many or as few of those mediums as you wish. There will be presentations, and screen shared live demo’s, with the main theme being Packaging.


Event Itinerary

The main focus will be on how to get started with Ubuntu packaging, but we will be setting a very very relaxed easy pace, leaving plenty of space for chat, on topic and off topic discussion.

  • How to create GPG signing keys
  • Generating SSH Public / Private key pairs
  • Your Launchpad account
  • Grabbing the build tools
  • Anatomy of an Ubuntu package
  • Preparing a clean build environment
  • Making a package
  • Debugging what we broke ๐Ÿ˜€

There will be lots of time for discussion questions and answers, along with general support and help from the community. At the last event everyone had a really great time, there were laughs, jokes, conversation and information sharing.

The event runs for around 3 hours from 20:00 until about 23:00 ( give or take about 3 hrs or so ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol )

The link to the conference will be posted on the Kubuntu Podcast Google+ events page and also on irc.freenode.net in the #kubuntu channel

Above all weโ€™re going to have fun, chat, share knowledge, party and learn new things. There will be plenty of us on hand to get you started playing and experimenting with Kubuntu. Whether this is your first time trying Kubuntu or you want help with installing, bug fixing, code hacking or packaging.

All are welcome!

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