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As you know from our previous post, back in 2019 the Kubuntu team set to work collaborating with MindShare Management Ltd to bring a Kubuntu dedicated laptop to the market. Recently, Chris Titus from the ‘Chris Titus Tech’ YouTube channel acquired a Kubuntu Focus M2 for the purpose of reviewing it, and he was so impressed he has decided to keep it as his daily driver. That’s right; Chris has chosen the Kubuntu Focus M2 instead of the Apple MacBook Pro M1 that he had intended to get. That is one Awesome recommendation!

Chris stated that the Kubuntu Focus was “The most unique laptop, and I am not talking about the Apple M1, and neither I am talking about AMD Ryzen.” he says.

In the review on his channel, not only did he put our Kubuntu based machine through it’s software paces, additionally he took the hardware to pieces and demonstrated the high quality build. Chris made light work of opening the laptop up and installing additional hardware, and he went on to say “The whole build out is using branded, high quality parts, like the Samsung EVO Plus, and Crucial memory; not some cheap knock-off”

The Kubuntu Focus team have put a lot of effort into matching the software selection and operating system to the hardware. This ensures that users get the best possible performance from the Kubuntu Focus package. As Chris says in his review video “The tools, scripts and work this team has put together has Impressed the hell out of me!”

By using the power optimizations available in Kubuntu, and additionally providing a GPU switcher which makes it super simple to change between the discreet Nvidia GPU and the integrated Intel based GPU. This impressed Chris a lot “I was able to squeeze 7 to 8 hours out of it on battery, absolutely amazing!” he said.

The Kubuntu Focus is an enterprise ready machine, and arguably ‘The Ultimate Linux laptop”. In his video, Chris goes on to demonstrate that the Kubuntu Focus includes Insync integration support for DropBox, OneDrive and GoogleDrive file sharing.

The Kubuntu Focus is designed from the get-go to be a transition device, providing Apple MacBook and Microsoft Windows users with a Cloud Native device in a laptop format which delivers desktop computing performance.

Chris ran our machine through a variety of benchmark testing tools, and the results are super impressive “Deep Learning capabilities are unparalleled, but more impressive is that it is configured for deep learning out of the box, and took just 10 minutes to be up and running. This is the best mobile solution you could possibly get.” Chris states.

To bring this article to a close it would be remiss of me not to mention Chris Titus’s experience with the support provided by the Kubuntu Focus team. Chris was able to speak directly to the engineering team, and get fast accurate answers to all his questions. Chris says “Huge shout out to the support team, I am beyond impressed”

Congratulations to the support team at MindShare Management Ltd, delivering great customers support is very challenging, and their experience and expertise is obviously coming across with their customers.

WoW! this is a monumental YouTube review of Kubuntu, and the whole Kubuntu community should congratulate themselves for creating ‘The Ultimate Linux Desktop’ which is being used to build ‘The Ultimate Linux Laptop’. Below is the YouTube review on the ‘Chris Titus Tech’ YouTube channel. Check it out, and see for yourself how impressed he is with this machine. Do remember to share this article.

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Rick Timmis is a Kubuntu Councillor, and advocate. Rick has been a user and open contributor to Kubuntu for over 10 years, and a KDE user and contributor for 20

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