Linode renews Kubuntu VPS sponsorship

The Kubuntu Council and Community would like to thank Linode for once again renewing their sponsorship of Kubuntu by providing us with another year’s usage of a VPS instance.

This is, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource, helping us make Kubuntu releases easier and better.

Specifically, the VPS allows us to:

  • Run remote build nodes for our Kubuntu CI Jenkins server, that helps us keep up with rapid upstream changes. Our CI is currently down for reworking of the Jenkins tooling, but this will come back in the next few months.
  • Host remote packaging containers for our developers and packagers. This not only proves a clean environment, but the super fast upload speeds allow us to make short work of the many hundreds of PPA and distribution package uploads required.
  • Run autopkgtests (QA) tests so we can fix these prior to upload.
  • Generate QA web pages for our builds, so problems can be identified and solved.

Specs: Linode 32GB: 8 CPU, 640GB Storage, 32GB RAM, Download 40 Gbps, Upload 7000 Mbps.

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