Kubuntu-Podcast #12

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Show Hosts

Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan

Rick Timmis

Aaron Honeycutt

  • Twitter: @ATHoneycutt
  • Florida US LoCo Twitter: @ubuntufl
  • Blog: usefoss.com

Andrea Del Sarto ( Audio Podcast Production )


What have we (the hosts) been doing ?

  • Aaron
    • ???
  • Rick
    • Really please to got Muon 5.6 release, massive thanks to Carlo and Clive jo for helping me with this
    • Organising Kubuntu Party
    • My BQ M10 Ubuntu Tablet arrived, and it’s really good.
  • Ovidiu
    • Had my birthday
    • http://summit.ubuntu.com

      Sponsor: Big Blue Button

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Those of you that have attended the Kubuntu parties, will have seen our Big Blue Button conference and online education service.

Video, Audio, Presentation, Screenshare and whiteboard tools.

We are very grateful to Fred Dixon and the team at BigBlueButton.org go check out their project.

Kubuntu News

  • GSoC students announced. KDE got 37 slots
  • Kubuntu Podcast section on the Kubuntu Website + Show notes on the website
  • New Download Page on the Website
  • Chat integrated in the website for Podcast and Support
  • Party ! Party ! Party ! – Friday 20th May 19:00 UTC

In Focus

Kubuntu Developer Feedback

  • Installer Icon – 2 Days work
  • MySQL 5.7 – Ubuntu push, late in the release cycle made things really interesting. Broke Akonadi, which in turn broke KDE PIM.
  • Next Release Yakkety Yak – October
  • Notes of caution on PPA Usage:
    • Kubuntu-CI PPA
    • Stagging PPA
      • These are for testing only and should not be used , and if you are interested in playing around with the latest software, then please go into #kubuntu-devel on IRC. The dev team will help you get the new stuff loaded, and explain how to use PPA Purge to remove them again.

Your Feedback

From Carlen Cagle:

Can’t wait! Ladies and gents if, for some strange (aka: obviously obscure) reason, you are NOT paying attention to the fine fellows and their WHIMSICALLY FANTASTIC KUBUNTU WORLD TOUR, you are missing out on

(A) Formidable information that allows you to perform that subverted S&M fantasy where you dominate your computer and it serves you well knowing that you will “Crack the whip” (aka: open the command-line) and wreak sheer terror down on their digital backsides and

(B) the best people throwing the greatest virtual party in the binary world. Long and short, the Kubuntu Podcast team absolutely and unequivocally KNOW what they are doing, willingly shares the wisdom and insights with you and, finally, cares about you, your use of Kubuntu, and your success in integrating the “Kubuntu mentality” that makes you not want member of a community but a brother/sister in a movement.

Join us. Join them. We want you to come party, learn and share!!!

From Ana Belen Rangnau:

Hi! My name is Ana. I tell you that I study in college. I’m doing a degree career in systems. I am a big fan of Kubuntu it is excellent, I love it and I am a follower of this. I’m not enough words to express how wonderful they are! Thank you for existing, make me very happy!

It might be possible to send me some free stickers? or any gift as a T-Shirt, keychain, magnets, posters, bracelet, hat, pin, etc. or any other you have, would be wonderful to have some of you and honored to wear anything that has your logo,of course if you send me stickers that would stick in my laptop! would be delighted with the opportunity to advertise you in my university.

Unfortunately in the town where I live there is this sort of thing. Of course if you send me something I will send pictures! Well I hope you can understand me, I use a translator.

[…](postal address)

From already thank you very much for everything! thank you for your consideration and your time! Keep it up! are the best in the world! best regards from a big fan and admirer.

From James:

No doubt – a HUGE THANK YOU to Scarlett and Philip in getting this thing out the proverbial door while being understaffed and under the gun of a hard date-driven deadline. Right now I can’t help much but all I could think to do was join Scarlet’s Patreon account. It’s not much but if everyone did that just think what the world would be like 😉 Anyway I know everyone needs all the encouragement they can get right now and I’m sending good vibes to all the hard working people who help make Kubuntu possible. You all are what the community is. And community is awesome.


James aka ronnoc

From Dale Trombley:

Often the tribulations and trials of the devs go unthanked. Please share this story for the kubuntu devs in the 16.04 cycle.

I lost my father on thursday. on sunday I was trying to go on with life and upgraded one of our many trusty lts to 16.04 lts. It went completely flawless. no errors no hiccups. You guys (and gals) did a fantastic release (IMO) and I want to thank you. That for those few minutes in time my mind was occupied on the upgrade, and relief that all had gone well.

Thank you.


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