Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10 Beta Released

The beta of 10.10 is available now for download and upgrade by testers. Kubuntu will release version 10.10, the Maverick Meerkat, in October 2010. With this Beta pre-release, we are introducing some new and interesting things in preparation for the next official version of Kubuntu. For more information on what’s…

Maverick Alpha 3 Out

The third alpha of Maverick Meerkat has been released. This contains a release candidate version of KDE Platform and Plasma 4.5. Other highlights of Alpha 3 include : Dragon continues on as the default video player Message Indicator support is enabled by default for Kopete and Quassel Qt was updated to…

Maverick Alpha 2 Available for Testing

Maverick Alpha 2 is now available for testing. This is an early release of our next version of Kubuntu. This release comes on one CD/USB image for both Desktop and Netbook, loading up the relevant workspace for your machine.

Maverick Alpha 1 Released

The first alpha release of Kubuntu Maverick has been released. This alpha contains the recently announced Amarok 2.3.1 and KDE SC 4.5 beta.