17.10 Wallpaper Contest! Call for artists

For the Artful cycle, we’re trying something new for Kubuntu: a wallpaper contest!

Any user can enter their own piece of artwork; you do not have to be a K/ubuntu member. Kubuntu members will be voting on the wallpaper entries. The top ten wallpapers will be on the Artful ISO. The Kubuntu Council will deal with any ties.

Upload your original work:

Follow the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase examples:

Submissions should have a human-language title and the description should give the author’s name if not entered as a display name on Flickr.

License your entry using the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike or Creative Commons Attribution license. As an exception, we will consider images licensed as “Public Domain” that are submitted to this contest as being under the Creative Commons Zero waiver.

Only submit your own work; no more than two entries per person.

All entries must follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Submission Deadline: June 8 2017 | 
Winners announced June 22 2017

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