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Kubuntu Rocks Titan technology YouTuber Chris Titus

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As you know from our previous post, back in 2019 the Kubuntu team set to work collaborating with MindShare Management Ltd to bring a Kubuntu dedicated laptop to the market. Recently, Chris Titus from the ‘Chris Titus Tech’ YouTube channel acquired a Kubuntu Focus M2 for the purpose of reviewing…

Kubuntu is not Free, it is Free

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Human perception has never ceased to amaze me, and in the context of this article, it is the perception of value, and the value of contribution that I want us to think about. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels It is yours in title, deed and asset A common miss perception with Open…

Linux on the Desktop

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2020 has been a fascinating year, and an exciting one for Kubuntu. There seems to be a change in the market, driven by the growth in momentum of cloud native computing. As markets shift towards creative intelligence, more users are finding themselves hampered by the daily Windows or MacOS desktop…

Kubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla released

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KDE Plasma-Desktop The Kubuntu community are delighted to announce the release of Kubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla. For this release Kubuntu ships with Plasma 5.19.5 and Applications 20.08. The desktop carries the fresh new look and gorgeous wallpaper design selected by the KDE Visual Design Group.   Cloud Ready With the…

Kubuntu Focus Model 2 Launched

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The Kubuntu Focus team, announce the immediate availability of their second generation laptop, the Kubuntu Focus M2. Customers experience power out of the box acclaimed by both experts and new users alike. The finely-tuned Focus virtually eliminates the need to configure the OS, applications, or updates. Kubuntu combines industry standard…

Kubuntu Focus Laptop Christmas Unboxing

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Christmas is here, and the first review units of the Kubuntu Focus have begun arriving with the reviewers eager to get their hands on them. Our own Kubuntu Councillor, and Community Manager Rick Timmis, who has been leading the project for the Kubuntu side, provides us with a festive, sneak…

Coming Soon.. The Kubuntu Focus Laptop

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The Kubuntu Council are delighted to announce that recently the community was approached by MindShare Management with a proposal to bringing a high-specification laptop to market using the Kubuntu operating system. We were both delighted and excited to see such a project undertaken. These new laptops will be available in…

Kubuntu Focus

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“Kubuntu Focus. Power out of the Box” The Kubuntu Council, MindShareManagement Inc, and Tuxedo Computers proudly announce the the officially authorized Kubuntu Focus Laptop.     The target audience are power users and developers who seek performance and compatibility with Linux deployment environments. It comes pre-loaded and pre-updated with the…

Thanks to our Sponsors

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The Kubuntu community is delighted and proud to ship Kubuntu. As a community of passionate contributors we need systems and services that enable us to work together, and host our development tools. Our sponsors page provides details and links to the organisations that have supported us through our development process….

Kubuntu 18.04 Reviewed in Linux ( Pro ) Magazine

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Kubuntu Linux has been my preferred Linux distribution for more than 10 years. My attraction to the KDE desktop and associated application set, has drawn from Kubuntu user, to a tester, teacher, developer, community manager and councilor. I feel really privileged to be part of, what can only be described…